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Seven Studies in Pop Piano is here!

Today is official publication day for Seven Studies. It’s been a pretty long journey getting here (for a relatively short book), but I can honestly say it’s one of the trickiest projects I’ve ever worked on.

Now, though, I’ve got a product I’m really happy with – and, what’s more, one that has a great cover (hat tip to Simon Avery of idobookcovers.com).


Availability-wise, we’ve got a fairly gradual roll-out going on just because it takes a while for the new ISBN and book data to percolate through various retailers’ systems. Right now the book is definitely available on Amazon UK. International availability should follow soon when The Book Depository starts to stock it. It’s also being fully distributed by Ingram, which means it should become available, at least for order, in bookstores in places like the US, Canada, Australia, NZ and more. I’ll update as I get more information.

The PDF ebook version is good to go: I’m just holding off publishing the sales page to see if The Book Depository list the book before the end of the day, so I can include print and digital on one page from the get-go. If they don’t, I’ll put the page live by 9pm UK time so anyone who wants a digital copy can get one.

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