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Index of chords in my 2015 piano chords tutorial

I’ve just published a new – and rather lengthy – tutorial covering all the basic piano chords you’re likely to need to play most popular songs. You’ll find it embedded at the bottom of this post.

Anyway, because the darn thing is so long I decided it might make sense to provide some kind of index to help people navigate it. So, here it is: click the timestamp for a particular chord category and you’ll go right to the relevant section of the tutorial (it’ll open in a new window…).

If you’re not sure about some of the theory things I talk about, like thirds and voicings, be sure to watch the first part of the video, where they’re all explained.

Basic major and minor
Dominant seventh (chords ending -7, e.g. G7, Eb7)
Minor seventh (chords ending -m7)
Major seventh (-maj7)
Sixth (-6 or -m6)
Ninth (-9) – NB, I don’t mention this in the tutorial but the minor ninth (-m9) is the -m7 with an added major third.
Major ninth (-maj9)
Added ninth (-add9)
Suspended fourth (-sus or -sus4)
Diminished and diminished seventh (-dim or -°; -dim7 or -°7)
Augmented (-aug or -+)

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  • Elizabeth Conant December 30, 2015, 1:02 am

    Hey there! Wanted to say hi, as I love how you teach. It’s so nice to see someone being practical and laid-back about it. I came from the conservatory world and ended up pretty much a four chord mama. I had some questions regarding how you formatted your books, etc… can you please contact me? I don’t see any contact info here… Thanks, and keep cranking out the lovely vids! – Elizabeth Conant

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